entry points to disrupting anthropocentrism

In order to "conten[d] with the systematic erasure of nonhuman beings from formal learning experiences" in schools, Bell and Russell (1999) suggest "seven entry points for practice and further reflection" (p. 74). Many of these suggested entry points need to be taken up in research. I address the following, in particular, in this dissertation:

1. Call into question the Us/Them, Human/Nature Divide

3. Draw Attention to the Ways That Words Shape Our Understandings

4. Help Students ['Readers'] to Recognize and Move beyond Stereotypes

5. Acknowledge Diverse Cultural Perspectives and the Fact that All Cultures Have Not Interacted with Nature in the Same Way.

9. Try to Work from and Convey an Understanding of Other Beings as Experiencing Subjects of a Life, in Some Ways Similar to and Some Ways Different from Us. (pp. 74-80).