inviting you

In my ideal world, I would have invited you into my office to 'read' this dissertation. I would encourage you to read, pause, and listen, opening to porosity and a re-animated, often embodied, perception (Bai, 2009) as you followed your body interacting with the flow of energy in the room, drawing you from one piece of 'text' to another. You might read two 'bits' placed next to each other, or you might move across to the other side of the room to juxtapose what you just read with the texture of a collage, the reflexive quiet of a song , a photograph, slide show, or a section of interview text in a computer file. What meaning gets created when small 'bits' of prose, art, or music, are placed side-by-side? What meanings emerge in the quiet spaces between, when space for listening is there?

But since this work needs to be transportable, I invite you (perhaps ironically) to 'read' through the hypertext instead.