Research is inevitably an ethical project. Approval from the Research Ethics Board and compliance with the Tri-Council standards for research are only the beginning. Issues of confidentiality, anonymity, and as significantly, of trust and relationship were foregrounded throughout this project, as I worked with both human and other-than-human persons.

Given the particular challenges of addressing issues of ethics for non-human contributors to the project, I felt the most significant ethical move I could make was to explicitly acknowledge their participation, and on a few occasions, when they desired it, cite specific sources under their name(s). The citing of other-than-human persons as important sources of knowledge is perhaps one part of "a reconfiguration of academic protocols" (Harvey, 2006b, p. 9) that will be necessary if researchers are to encourage and support explicit engagement with the more-than-human world as a valued source of insight in the context of research and academic writing, as well as environmental planning and decision-making. It may also have implications for developing increased understanding and respect for Indigenous research methodologies and methods.

This research project was approved by the Research Ethics Board, University of Regina. The proposal was also reviewed by, and permission received from, the two school districts which were involved in the beginning stages of the study. Approval forms and responses to changes that occurred as the research evolved, are attached below. School District approvals are not attached to maintain the anonymity of those Districts, as they requested.

Research Ethics Board Ethics Approval

Memo of Changes

Approval of Changes

Consent Form - Teachers

Consent Form - Students

Consent Form - Respondent

Renewals were received until data collection was complete.

Permission was obtained, in writing, to include Copyrighted material as follows:

Landscape photography by Cherie Westmoreland, 2006. Music and Lyrics by Carolyn McDade, sung by the Sacred Web Singers, 1992, 1996, 1999 and 2003. Music, Lyrics by David McIntrye, 2006, sung by the Prairie Pride Chorus and distributed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Ecological Footprint graph by World Watch Institute, 2006. I also gratefully acknowledge non-copyrighted photographic contributions by Mary K. Barrett, Ruth Blaser, Matt Faubert and Susan Sorensen.