gift for many


There are many ways to theorize communication across the socially constructed human/nature divide that make it an exclusive property of those considered to be particularly gifted (e.g. shaman), but I am more of the mind that it is a gift or quality that many, if not most humans have, but cannot or do not access (or name) simply because it is often not thought of, or considered appropriate within normative Western culture (see Harvey, 2003; Harner & Doore, 1987; Smith, 2006 for discussions of this possibility).


My aim is not to claim personal qualities or a culture that is not mine, but rather to open up to ways of knowing that exist within me – ways that modern Western, and academic culture in particular (Dillard, 2006b; Findlay, 2000; Tuhiwai Smith, 1999), have made almost impossible to recognize, acknowledge, name and (admit to) practic(ing).