organizing the 'poetry'*


When it came time to work with the 'poems' I had written, I had their titles on small green sticky notes. Without reading them, but instead, letting my hand lead (in a similar way I had completed my collages), I placed the 'poetry' into three groupings. It appeared as though I was to have a sort of 'poetry book' as part of the dissertation. It also seemed as if some poems would appear more than once. The third grouping was of 'poems' that I would not use. They were either not good enough, or in some cases, sentiments not able or appropriate to be spoken in the context of this dissertation.


*I hesitate to describe this work as poetry, since to do so risks calling up particular sets of quality criteria (see Canhnmann, 2003; Piirto, 2002). Instead, I refer to it as an expression of what emerged as I moved from one side of my office to the other – sometimes painting, sometimes writing, sometimes sitting, or dancing – coming to know in a way that enabled words and thoughts to, as Abram (2000) suggests, to "blossom out of my limbs" (in Abram & Jardine, 2000, p. 168). This page represents both a knowledge and a knowing produced from enmeshment of mind, body, spirit, experience, and emotion.