human privilege

By producing and maintaining humans as the seldom acknowledged and "unmarked norm" against which all Others are measured (Fawcett, 2000; Kirby, 1994), humans, like white men, and perhaps, to although often to a lesser degree, white women, have come to enjoy immense privilege at the expense of non-human, and non-white Others.

What investments would we have to give up if we acknowledged the (potential) role of animate Earth in human knowledge-making? What subjectivities/identities would we have to fully allow and acknowledge? What kind of knowledge and knowledge-making processes would I have to accept?

I look forward to the day when anti-anthropocentric theorizing and teaching occurs with the frequency and sense of common-placeness that has become the case for anti-racist and anti-homophobic discussions in many faculties of education. It might just make more room not only for non-human Others, but also for other marginalized peoples as well – particularly those who engage with or live through an animist epistemology.