listening spaces

The form of this dissertation is designed to provide spaces to listen to the many voices of animate Earth. It is also designed to offer multiple invitations for readers to engage in ways of knowing that move beyond conceptual reasoned consciousness, and re-animate embodied awareness, or perception (Bai, 2009; see also, Abram, 1996, 2006; Berry, 1999). If that knowing happens to lead your hand to the "off button" on your computer, lead your body to a favourite plant or companion species, or simply lead your feet out the door, then, by all means, go!

"Transformation of the human-Earth relationship is no small task in a culture that values reason over imagination, compartmentalized hierarchy over holism, action over contemplation, and domestication over wildness. Yet despite the perceived obstacles, many are screaming out that we need to once again become on speaking terms with the natural world (Rozak, Gomes, and Kanner, 1995)." (in Lipsett, 2002, p. 216)