One way to speak about communication across the socially constructed human/nature divide is to make it an exclusive property of a gifted few, but I am not alone in my assumption that it is quality that many, if not most or all humans have (Guédon, 1994; Hogan, 2000; Smith, 2006), but cannot or do not access (or name) simply because it is not considered possible, or speakable, or thinkable within twentieth century normalized notions of performing "human" appropriately within modern Western and academic cultures (Whitehouse, 2000; see also, Britzman, 1995; Butler, in Salih, 2004).


This dissertation has been a process of gaining access to that which much of modern Western and academic culture (see Ezzy, 2004) has made it difficult to recognize, name and (admit to) practic(ing). The words I use vary considerably depending on the context.