ultimate connectedness through energy

The ultimate connectedness (what I like to speak of as porosity) of all 'parts' of the universe as energy can be demonstrated through attention to and work with human (and other) energy fields. Kirilean photography can capture a visual picture of these fields through technology, although there are many people who can see (those who are clairvoyant) or sense them (those attentive to their natural clairsentience). Clairsentience is perhaps the most commonly noticed way of perceiving energy fields. A person can often sense whether a room has light or heavy energy, or determine, though an inner felt sense, whether a particular street is safe to walk down or not (see Sheldrake, 2003).

Quantum theory also acknowledges the role of energy fields (e.g. Greene, 1999; Laszlo, 2008) and likewise, points to the connectedness of all things. The work of the form of this dissertation is in part to encourage travelers to awaken to their own sensitivities to energy fields, and interact with them as they make the many choices required to navigate the hypertext.