shifting discourses energetically

Discourses, even powerful ones, can be changed much more quickly than one might imagine. Drawing on energetic principles from martial arts and quantum physics, together ancient knowledge and current understandings in physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, and psychology (Yuen, 2007), the Yuen Method™ and other similar techniques often referred to as "energy healing" (Jonas & Crawford, 2003) hold great potential for initiating the shifts in consciousness that are often suggested to be fundamental to sustainability. As an example, the Yuen Method™ requires no particular belief system to work other than a willingness to let go of the dominance of the thinking mind and being "open and neutral to whatever the results may be" (Yuen, 2001, p. 9, 2003; see also, Lipton, 2005). Due to the dominance of Western scientific assumptions, these methods have not been well studied nor theorized (Hufford, 2003; Jonas & Crawford, 2003, 2004), yet based on my own self-study, client testimonials, and course experiences (e.g. Njio, 2006; Njio & Yuen, 2006), they have been shown to produce profound shifts in discourses held within the body.

I began shifting discourses intuitively, then got more practice through courses in The Yuen Method™, a form of Chinese energetic medicine. Energy healing works as a personal decolonizing process, and supported many of the discursive shifts required for me to complete this research. Some of the discourses which were shifted are documented in the academic openings section. Others included culturally inscribed racist and classist storylines, which, once cleared, have made it easier for me to talk comfortably of this research in a wider variety of contexts.