"The planet shivers ever more rapidly into a fever, while increasing numbers of our fellow species – each of them an utterly unique style of sensitivity and earthly sentience – tumble helter-skelter into the oblivion of extinction. It will not likely be long before our own clever species follows them."

"Unless, that is, we wake ourselves from the long delusion of our detachment from bodily earth, to find ourselves included, once again, in the breathing body of this world."

"Unless we begin to engage the land around us as attentive participants within this vast life, letting our actions draw guidance from the other participants – the other beings – whose sentience is so richly entangled with ours. Unless we emerge from our technological cocoon, shaking our senses free from their stunned immobility, stretching open our eyes to receive the sun's glint off the wings of a peregrine soaring above the city buildings, opening our ears past the ceaseless churning of words toward the voices of silence...." (Abram, 2006, p. 13)