creative reconstruction


I wish to "participate in the creative reconstruction of a language which foregrounds our kinship with nature" (Gough, 1991, p. 40), and engage in conversations where all the actors are not human (Haraway, 2004a; see also, Abram, 1996; Berry & Tucker, 2006; Harvey, 2006b; Lipsett, 2001; Smith, 2006 etc.). Yet in doing so, I wish to, as much as possible, move beyond myth and metaphor (Gough, 1991, p. 40). This means I must explicitly acknowledge the possibility of non-human Others as participating in my (inevitably human) meaning-making processes. To do so has required moving beyond conceptual reasoned consciousness and engaging ancient ways of knowing through my re-animated, often embodied, perception (Bai, 2009) -- a process that has been greatly enabled through the use of Yuen Method™ and other forms of energy work.