working with energy fields

The universe is energy, physicists claim. If everything is energy and one's energy field extends beyond the physical body (Greene, 1999), then it is not hard to imagine that the different plants, animals, and 'objects' in field locations and writing spaces might affect one another, including the researcher.

What would happen if one paid attention to the effects of energy in research/ representation? I think people often does this intuitively (i.e. something feels right, or doesn't), but seldom does research/ representation make this attention explicit and engage it as part of the methods and final texts.

For both reader and writer, how, for instance, does the energy of the many images in the text shift the energy of the text and the reader's engagement with it? Might the images, in some small (or perhaps significant) way, enable the reader/writer to re-animate his or her embodied perception (Bai, 2009)? Or engage the reader as a whole being, rather than just as a thinking mind?