intuitive linking enables

Because of its symbolic (and literal) porosity, hypertextual representation may be able to bring the voices and intelligence of the more-than-human world to the forefront of environmental education and research. It enables dialogic reading and research practices which open spaces for co-creation of meaning in communication with animate Earth.

The hypertextual linking system used in many parts of the dissertation included a fusion of mind-body-spirit. For me, this received knowledge came through the many ancient ways of knowing described in the glossary and most often emerged through my body's movements.

It was this movement that I often drew upon as I both created and now journey through this hypertext. Choices of what links to place where were sometimes made with rational, linear connections in mind, but more were made through the same intuitive, dialogical practice used to create much of the knowing contained in this dissertation. My hand, much like that of a painter, or pianist, was drawn to certain 'keys' or 'bits files' connecting the ideas within without having to look at the whole.

What meanings do the juxtapositions of 'texts' make? What is comfortable, what is uncomfortable? How might that discomfort, as Wheatley (2000) suggests, lead to identifying firmly held beliefs, and just perhaps, choose differently?

On the days when I am more confident with my research approach and associated epistemology and ontology, then I am completely at ease with the plethora of what many might call 'random links,' and my assumption that 'readers' will travel where they need to in this 'text'. On other days, when discourses of rationality and linearity have more power over me, I am not so sure.

Yet time and again, when put to the 'test' at conferences, presenting through embodied intuition has evoked much stronger expressions of interest and resonance with audiences than I had received previously when choosing a presentation 'route' based primarily on intellectual decisions. Following the 'Reader's Journey' page, may help individual readers of this hypertext decide for themselves.