intentional communication

While many (e.g. Abram, 1996; Davies, 2000b; Fawcett, 2000) suggest there is a need for attending to the many languages that Earth 'speaks,' discussions of research method and methodology seldom explicitly acknowledge the possibility of producing research texts in intentional communication with animate Earth or spirit.* Thus, insights offered and received are usually attributed to the human intellect and more-than-human persons remain marginalized among the "rising tide of voices" (Lincoln & Denzin, 2005, p. 1115, italics in original) in research.

In the meantime, ecological destruction continues apace.

*for examples of those who write about researching with Earth, see Cole, 2002; Harvey, 2006b; Haraway, 2004b; O'Riley & Cole, 2009; Plumwood, 2002; for examples of those writing more explicitly about research with spirit, see Clements, 2004; Dillard, 2006a, and the increasing literature on Indigenous research methodlogies.