hypertext irony


Opening to porosity means opening to the possibility that the earth is animate and communicative (Abram, 1996, 2006; Smith, 2004; Buhner, 2004). It also acknowledges that words are not the only kind of human language, and human languages "are only a small subset of language as a whole" (Bringhurst, 2002, p. 13). To learn these multiple languages and hear the many voices of animate Earth requires vast listening spaces – spaces to disengage the thinking mind and dwell, for moments at least, "in the wordless and thoughtless space of sensuous awareness" (Bai, 2001, p. 92).


Although I recognize the irony of using technology to encourage communication with animate Earth since technology is often claimed to distance one from connection with place (Payne, 2003), the form of this dissertation is like the many other intentional contradictions contained herein. It is designed to provide both listening spaces and multiple invitations for readers to open to a re-animated perception.


If that knowing happens to lead you to turn off the computer and go outdoors, scratch your head in wonder, or hang out with your favourite plant or companion species (Haraway, 2003), then do it! It is in those spaces-in-between texts, those intentional contradictions, and often in that movement away from the desk, that communication might occur.