hypertext explained...further


The methods used in this dissertation and its representation are based on the premise that humans are not the only communicative beings and they(we) would be well-served by finding ways to (re)learn, and practice, the many languages with which other-than-human persons speak (see Harvey, 2006b).


The many spaces in this dissertation hypertext, in combination with poetry, art, music, written text and photographic images, invite readers to engage in ways of knowing that might just provide opportunities for that re-learning. Rather than relying primarily on rational linear arguments to 'prove' that the earth speaks to those who are quiet enough to listen (Baylor & Parnell, 1978), I create a multi-lingual text, using small bits, engaging with collage and music and working with photo images and audio clips, both responding to and providing openings for re-animation of embodied perception and co-creation of meaning with animate Earth (Bai, 2009).


...hoping that these openings might just help move humanity beyond the "psychic numbing" that pervades Western cultures (Bai, 2009, p. 135).