drawing on ancient ways of knowing



Drawing on ancient ways of knowing including dowsing, some forms of shamanic journeying, human-animal telepathy, artistic practices, simple, quiet attention, and re-animated, often embodied, perception (Bai, 2009) enabled a response to numerous calls for the production of research across the socially constructed human/nature divide. The method(ologies) used in this dissertation and its representation are based on the assumption (based on an animist ontology) that humans are not the only communicative beings, and humans would be well-served by finding ways to (re)learn, and practice, the many languages through which Earth speaks (Abram, 1996, 2006; Berry & Tucker, 2006; Fawcett, 2000; Griffin, 2001; Harvey, 2003, 2006a, 2006b; Plumwood, 2002; Smith, 2004, 2006; Sheldrake, 1999; Sheldrake & Smart, 2000).