dare to Speak

This collage was created beginning with a splash of words from poststructuralism. At the time, I did not imagine using the collage – at least this particular one – as part of my final product, so unfortunately, I have no photographs of this layered tangle of words: discourse, power, poststructural, agency, (re)inscription. The top layers of the collage were inspired by the music of David McIntrye (2006) sung by the Prairie Pride Chorus and of Carolyn McDade (e.g. 1999), sung by the Singers of the Sacred Web of Western Canada.

By the time I finished the collage, it was my turn to speak, using the language that emerged from listening through my body, heart, and spirit. And...

I am left wondering, will I need to 'defend'
or 'prove' a dialogic methodology
the epistemological
and ontological place(s)
from which I live, research,
teach and create – using rationality as my only means?

Or will readers be able to put aside inscriptions in rationality and linear arguments to immerse in other ways of knowing and being in the world? And most significantly, will they invite the non-human into their research (and other) conversations.