photographic collaboration

"I realized a great gift was being offered me. The images I could not speak were there." (LeGuin, 1989, p. 2). Ursula LeGuin (1989), speaking of her collaboration with the book's photographers in Way of the Water's Going.

As I came to know Cherie Westmoreland's images, the idea of creating a space for them to speak that which could not be articulated in words, grew. Begun as an idea to include a single slide show with Carolyn McDade's music, which Cherie and I sing together, her images have worked their way into the heart of this hypertext – as well as onto the cover of Carolyn's newest album which celebrates through music, the words of the Earth Charter (see

Decisions about which photographs to include occurred through a combination of conversations over many cups of tea, together with our respective intuitive selections, all inspired through a love of Land and Carolyn's music. Cherie sent me images to select from, and using a combination of embodied intuition and reason, I lovingly placed them.

thank you Cherie.

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