Thomas Berry (1988) speaks on the earth's creative energy, and the human need to engage with it:

Awareness of an all-pervading mysterious energy articulated in the infinite variety of natural phenomenon seems to be the primordial experience of human consciousness, awakening to an awesome universe filled with mysterious power. Not only is energy our primary experience; energy, and its multiple modes of expression, is also the primary concern of modern physics, its ultimate term of reference in describing the most fundamental reality of the universe. (p. 24)

This energy is manifest in human creative experience and action. Berry goes on to explain that the fundamental problem is a failure to recognize the "spontaneous functioning [of the natural world] in all that we do. ...There is deliberation, but also spontaneity." What is needed, he argues,

is the sensitivity required to understand and respond to the psychic energies deep in the very structure of reality itself. Our knowledge and control of the environment is not absolute knowledge or absolute control. It is a cooperative understanding and response to forces that will bring about a proper unfolding of the earth processes if we do not ourselves obstruct or distort these forces that seek their proper expression. (pp. 48-49)

He recapitulates this message through his suggestion that in order to respond to ongoing issues of consumption and destruction of the Earth, there needs to be a recognition of the universe as both "psychic-spiritual" and "physical-material" (Berry & Tucker, 2006, p. 57).