"The whole universe is thus engaged in endless motion and activity; in a continual cosmic dance of energy" (Capra, 1975/1991, p. 225).

"Our bodies are composed of energy and information" (Chopra, 1993, p. 14).

"Everything in the universe is made from vibrating strands of energy called strings." They vibrate in a multitude of different ways, making up all the constituents of nature (Greene in McMaster & Greene, 2003, n.p.).

"Energy [is] our primary experience ...[the] ultimate term of reference in describing the most fundamental reality of the universe" (Berry & Tucker, 2006, p. 24).

Perhaps energy is all there is ....

What then? How might a shift from classical to quantum physics change our understandings of everything? Including what has consciousness and how it works (see Stapp, 1995)? Perhaps, as Laszlo (2008) suggests, "the Hindu seers were on the right track" when they suggested we are all linked to an underlying cosmic field referred to as "Akasha" (p. 111). Quantum theorists refer to this non-locally interconnected field as the "cosmic plenum." It is "the womb of all 'matter' and all 'force' in the universe" (Laszlo, 2008, p. 111)