much homework


There is (home)work to be done (see Abram, 2006; Haraway, 2004b; Kuokkanen, 2003, 2006; Visweswaran, 1994) if we are to embody the possibility of including communications from the more-than-human world in research. This includes heightening one's perceptual awareness (Bai, 2009), becoming better listeners (Smith, 2006), and moving beyond inscribed habits of inattention and a preference "not to see" (Boler, 1999, p. 177; see also, Abram, 2006; Britzman, 1995).


Embodying this possibility may also require attending to the simultaneous (dis)comfort and freedom of an (un)familiar and (perhaps) counter-intuitive (in the context of Western scientific understandings of the world) epistemology, ontology and associated listening/reading practices. It may also include using energy work to clear and rewrite unhelpful discourses in one's body.